Triquetra Panel

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced

Love doing this window with different combinations of glass and textures – Always intrigues me the way it changes all the time and gives off a different mood.  This one has lovely fractured streamer glass with old purple antique glass.  250 Earlier versions    

Celtic Cross

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

This was a commission in beautiful bright colours. The client asked me to put the initials of his children and his wife (in the middle) in the piece and it had to be subtle…like the B in SUBTLE. Can you see them?


Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

This window was commissioned for a husband as a anniversary gift. There are so many symbolic parts to this window including: Poppies – for Remembrance Day Poetry written by the husband Dragonfly – for a camping trip memory Notes of Taps – 6 notes in total, 2 quarter notes representing the parents and 4 running notes representing the children Family …


Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Nature

Crow on a Celtic Cross inspired by one of my trips to Ireland. In this one, the different shades in the celtic cross resulted from the variation of thickness from the same mouth blown piece of purple glass. In this one I wanted it to be only black and white with a touch of gray in the cross.


Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced

Adapted from the Claddagh Ring, the designs features two hands for friendship, a crown for loyalty and a heart for love. The expression associated with the Claddagh (aka wedding ring) is “With my hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” Earlier version

Welsh Dragon

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

A Coat of Arms for a Welsh, Fencing Artist. Before his 50th, his wife asked him “If you had a Coat of Arms, what would it include?” I used the colours of the flag, paint brushes instead of swords and swathes of paint to represent his “Arms”…and of course a very pointy dragon which included 5 different textures in red …


Siobhan Lynch Available Now, Celtic Influenced

Inspired by a combination of several of my past designs. I wanted to achieve the feeling of movement. Other versions in different colour and texture combinations.


SiO2Creations Celtic Influenced

Triquetra in a pyramid on a mirror. You can see all the knots from different angles and watch the glass interact. 200

Fish or Fowl

Siobhan Lynch Available Now, Celtic Influenced, Fish

Some people see one flat fish. Some see two fish that come together to a common Celtic “tail” knot. Some people see a cobra. As this design has evolves and changes it always becomes something new. The original design was for a wedding gift for an Irish Groom and Pisces Bride. 450 Earlier Versions


Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced

Made with a lot of old glass recovered from a renovated church on West Avenue. Sparkles in the sunlight. It symbolizes the power of three acting as one and the interrelatedness of all things. 275