Frog Commission

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions, Nature

This window was done especially for a frog lover. I had glass that specifically lent itself to this window. Beautiful greens with lots of character that brought this little swimmer to life.  The glass looks different at different times of the day.

Kolbe Commission

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions

This commission was a gift that was to represent the Kolbe Index numbers of the receiver.  I wanted to incorporate the beads and ratios of the colours to represent the Kolbe numbers of 3294.

Landing Windows Commission

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions, Fish, Nature

I video taped a lot of the process while working on this commission which you can see on my Facebook Page The original windows were all one type of green glass.  I liked the glass but it was too much for the space.  It overwhelmed the entire landing and made it really dark.  It was a lot of working getting …

East Hamilton Spiritual Church Door

Siobhan Lynch Commissions, Nature

This commission was inserted into the church’s front door. The design was done to commemorate the East Hamilton Spiritual Church’s 100 year anniversary so I had to incorporate the initials, the founding date, the white rose and the heart.  Plus provide privacy in the church.  It was a wonderful project and rewarding because the church felt I had interpreted what …

Door Insert Commission

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions

This window is from a while ago but I loved the whole process of taking old bevels and rearranging them and filling in the missing parts with my own glass and colours.  This door is now in downtown Hamilton.  

Celtic Cross

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

This was a commission in beautiful bright colours. The client asked me to put the initials of his children and his wife (in the middle) in the piece and it had to be subtle…like the B in SUBTLE. Can you see them?


Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

This window was commissioned for a husband as a anniversary gift. There are so many symbolic parts to this window including: Poppies – for Remembrance Day Poetry written by the husband Dragonfly – for a camping trip memory Notes of Taps – 6 notes in total, 2 quarter notes representing the parents and 4 running notes representing the children Family …

Northern Ontario with Cats

Siobhan Lynch Commissions, Nature

Clients asked for a AJ Casson style with that featured their two cats, which are both there along the shore. The windows were to allow the couple to have full light in there front room and still have privacy from the street. The second window Both together

Whimsey in Purple

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions

This styles of window which I call Whimsey changes with the light, weather and where you are standing which creates an ever moving dynamic. The abstract design lets me experiment and discover new combinations of colours and textures that compliment and support each other.

Welsh Dragon

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

A Coat of Arms for a Welsh, Fencing Artist. Before his 50th, his wife asked him “If you had a Coat of Arms, what would it include?” I used the colours of the flag, paint brushes instead of swords and swathes of paint to represent his “Arms”…and of course a very pointy dragon which included 5 different textures in red …


Siobhan Lynch Commissions, Nature

Original commission and design was for two close friends. I crisscrossed the branches, roots and trunks to represent the friendship. They were so interconnected they would finish each others sentences thus the overlapping and interactions.

Poppies Commission

Siobhan Lynch Commissions, Nature

Two 3′ x 3′ windows with the cycle of the life of the poppy. The Life starts dark red and gets lighter as it goes through the cycle. The two windows are mirror images of each other with only the centre pieces of the moon and sun being the difference between the two windows. One Window Up Close