Triquetra Panel

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced

Love doing this window with different combinations of glass and textures – Always intrigues me the way it changes all the time and gives off a different mood.  This one has lovely fractured streamer glass with old purple antique glass.  250 Earlier versions    

Celtic Cross

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

This was a commission in beautiful bright colours. The client asked me to put the initials of his children and his wife (in the middle) in the piece and it had to be subtle…like the B in SUBTLE. Can you see them?

Welsh Dragon

Siobhan Lynch Celtic Influenced, Commissions

A Coat of Arms for a Welsh, Fencing Artist. Before his 50th, his wife asked him “If you had a Coat of Arms, what would it include?” I used the colours of the flag, paint brushes instead of swords and swathes of paint to represent his “Arms”…and of course a very pointy dragon which included 5 different textures in red …


Siobhan Lynch Fish

Swimming as three. Triskele showing balance between the inner and outer. Fish are one of my favourite symbols SOLD First version was done in Black and White Another version with Blues and Purples