Siobhan Lynch Fish, Nature

Underwater Fish made with antique glass.  The fish has lovely french glass, St. Jus, in the fish and the fins.

Fallen Leaves

Siobhan Lynch Available Now, Nature

Designed a while ago and based on a lyric from in classic Irish song “Let grief be a fallen leaf”. The leaves are sometimes singular, sometimes in bunches, sometimes all jumbled up so you can’t figure out the where they start and end. Close Ups


Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Nature

Heat and rays radiating in beautiful bright colours against the blue GNA glass gives off a nice shimmering effect.  Now in it’s new home.

Whimsey in Purple

Siobhan Lynch Abstract, Commissions

This styles of window which I call Whimsey changes with the light, weather and where you are standing which creates an ever moving dynamic. The abstract design lets me experiment and discover new combinations of colours and textures that compliment and support each other.