June 2-30 – Sandee Ewasiuk – Paintings From Thailand

Siobhan Lynch Uncategorized

In October 2017, Sandee spent a month in Thailand at the artist’s residency, Com Peung, located just outside the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Her idea was to work mixed media using materials from Thailand.  The only materials she brought from home were a handful of brushes and some embroidery thread.  She decided to work on patterned fabric which she purchased from the wonderful fabric market in Chiang Mai.  She wanted to work on fabric for the ease of transportation and with patterned fabric for interesting backgrounds from Thailand.  She used photo reference from pictures she was taking during her travels.  To begin she stretched the fabric on a temporary stretcher made from bamboo, and painted with layers of acrylic paint.  She finished each piece with a little bit of embroidery for detail.

We are so excited to be showing this series of Sandee’s starting June 2 for Hamilton Arts Week!

Come in on June 16th for our Meet the Artist Event!!  Sandee will be there between 1 pm and 5 pm.  She can tell you all around her travels and how they have influenced this latest series of paintings.